All About Micromachining and Laser Engraving

Both Micromachining and Laser Engraving are distinct processes that are used to create, mark or engraving all sorts of images on different objects or surfaces. Both terms have some common elements, however, both have different styles and methods in the manner in which they are employed. To help make clear We’ll be examining the two terms in different ways before we focus the common points of their interaction.


It is technically referred to as Surface Micromachining. It’s an exclusive process involved in the creation of micro-machinery machines. In this procedure the material known as polysilicon is employed in the various layers utilized for the manufacture of.

Silicon dioxide can also be used as a different layer that is generally removed in a process to provide the space that is required. The principal advantage of machining is the creation and fabrication of monolithic microsystems that typically include mechanical and electronic functions.

Many processes are involved in Micromachining

In the present there have been a myriad of techniques being utilized in Micromachining. They are classified according to the current machining phenomenon. Certain processes involve removal by the mechanical forces, or removal through melting and vaporization, as well as removal through dissolution. Other methods include lamination, plastic deformation, and solidification the list goes on.

Laser Engraving

It is the process of using lasers to cut out patterns or markings on the object. Sometimes, complex and technical methods are employed in the procedure. In certain instances computers are also employed to drive the motion of the head of the laser. The engraving process is generally performed using a special machine that generally has three primary components, namely the laser as well as the surface, and finally the controllerfiber laser marking machine factory.

The laser usually takes the shape of a pencil, while the controller could be computer. The beam that is emitted by the pencil permits the controller or computer to draw patterns on the surface that is selected to correspond with what the laser is working on. The computer or controller is the director in this instance. It regulates how intense, which direction and speed, and the distribution that the beam of laser is that is focused at the surface.

Certain materials can be printed

Actually, not every type of object can be engraving. Certain materials are commonly employed in the process. There are natural materials like hardwoods like mahogany, oak and walnut. We also have softwoods, latex, as well as additional natural substances. Other special materials that are able to be engraved include plastics glass, stones, metals jewelry items and many others.


Laser engraving and micromachining are generally used for various motives. Micromachining is employed to make miniaturized devices, laser engraving is utilized in the creation and marking of objects using a variety of writings, images and other special symbols. Many companies, both private and public institutions generally employ both processes for improving their lives in the business world. There are a lot of males as well as women also earn lots of money through both methods.

In the end, there are plenty of information that needs to be uncovered about the processes mentioned above. It’s always best to search to further research or studies regarding the process if you wants to know more about them.