CM120 Mask & Helmet System

The CM120 Mask & Helmet device became first brought within the yr 2005. Unlike other helmets, this precise model has end up pretty well-known for its precise capabilities. This particular masks may be very secure to wear. Other helmets can also have a few very precise features but still, the CM120 Mask & Helmet is quite superior in the location of protection.

This particular 120SF mask has been made to supply Ballistic Helmet higher neck protection and higher sighting of weapons. This masks lets you view the battlespace extra truly. It virtually would not count number whether or not you are using an M4 or any other form of long gun but this 120SF will really make things look tons cleanser.

Recently, various important Special Forces gadgets have made the one hundred twenty SF as their first preference. They advise the CM120 Mask & Helmet gadget because they’ve skilled the finer qualities of those helmets in their practical schooling sessions. These forces have used them in numerous risky missions as well. This specific CM120 Mask & Helmet gadget is designed in a miles advanced manner; technologically this helmet is plenty more advanced and higher than the others. The CM120 Mask & Helmet device has a unique throat protector too, which acts as a defensive defend in your throat.

CM120 Mask & Helmet has a really perfect shape which makes it pretty comfy to wear. Also, it has functions with the intention to ensure you best protection. The CM120 Mask & Helmet may be very lightweight, 100% shielding and very comfortable. This ensures that that your head, face and your shoulders are in safe situation.

Various new technology and packages are connected to this helmet, making it one of the fine helmets. One of the fundamental functions included in this CM120 Mask & Helmet gadget is the non-ballistic neck protector that enables to guard your neckline from any form of intense blast. One part of a fixed of face masks, quick switch lens machine, anti-scratch and anti-fog coating at the lens with polycarbonate and helmet adaptor are some of this helmet’s other features.

The one hundred twenty SF has various features which makes it pretty distinct from the others mask in its class. The neckline of this helmet has been changed to present it a much more comfy appearance and enjoy. The neck portion of the mask has been cut down and made with fabric like nylon mesh, for this reason this giving the 120 SF a wealthy look and a comfy fitting. If you need, you may smooth and wash this neck element too. You can also dispose of this nylon neck element, as this element is made in the sort of way that you may connect it as well as detach it any time.

The CM120 Mask & Helmet device is to be had in numerous colorations; a number of the colours consist of coyote tan, black and foliage inexperienced. The CM120 and other mask are to be had from STRICO.