It’s time to know a glimpse of The Mikkelsen.

Let us learn something about some people who are spoiled initially but become an inspiration later. It is the story of twin brothers who are normal citizens like us, who turned into achievers. This story is available on which even a layperson can understand. Try it out on reading this after gaining a little knowledge here.

About the Crazy Twins who launched Audiobooks for passive income

The New York-born twins are well known for their Audiobooks and podcasts. They are the recent social media personalities who made a great impact on many people’s minds; they believe that passive incomes are something that will keep people’s bank balance with some good numbers and that makes them productive, and it too makes those Mikkelsen twins productive as well.

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Initial Journey of the Mikkelsen Twins

The actual name of the twins are Christian Mikkelsen, and Ramus Mikkelsen, famously called the Mikkelson twins, well known for their audio podcasts. Though they are well known for these podcasts and their youtube channels, their initial stages of life are almost a tragedy. They reside in New York, their hometown, where both are not much good in their education. They didn’t score many good marks, which doesn’t focus on that. Also, they are shy and don’t engage in any competitions.

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The Time of the Mikkelsen Brothers

They spent their livelihood in a couple of years, which taught them a lesson where after that, they studied hard in their new college. But, suddenly, they felt like it was time to earn more and dropped out of college. While working as delivery partners, they are keen to listen to many podcasts related to self-development and more, making them start their businesses.

They had different ideas, whereas Ramus chose dropshipping and Christian chose self-publishing. Self Publishing went well, which intends for twins to work as a combo. It is the starting point; after that, they travel to more countries like Australia, South Africa and more, capturing more wild videos to earn more money.

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