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To get extremely sincere, Durgapur will not be a town with lots of attractions. It’s located in West Bengal – a point out while in the jap A part of India. Being an industrial town with large amount of producing units, it may possibly serve as an excellent design of how an industrial city needs to be. It’s got chimneys pouring dim smokes from factories, which isn’t fairly a sight that people are seeking nowadays. It’s been into existence for a town for basically six decades – not one thing to boast of regarding ‘wealthy heritage and society’. It’s got quite a lowly normal of living, the money is during the fingers of a small segment of grocery store going men and women and the city is closely polluted.

Number of damaging matters, is not it? In all probability you may have begun wondering I’m some kind of an activist having a vision to revolutionize Durgapur. I’m able to guarantee you that i’m nowhere in close proximity to to it and I do not even have any remote intention to become 1. I have only one particular agenda – to tell information channels loud and distinct that they can not manage to ignore Durgapur anymore. I have my very own good reasons to create that rightful need and I will point out them shortly. If you have some acquaintance with this town, Then you really should be able to concur with me on a lot of the situations. Even For those who have no clue of what Durgapur is focused on, you’ll be able to Google it and start.

For starters, Durgapur is one of the most polluted towns in West Bengal and maybe in India. The key resources of pollution will be the factories as well as autos. People’s lungs are filled with darkish, toxic smoke throughout the year, everyday. But what has actually been the bane for that overall health with the folks is the primary source of their income. Yes, persons of Durgapur are dependent on these major industries for their jobs. Many of them are immediately employed from the factories along with a good deal additional in range are earning their livelihood by getting self-employed. However the economic system of Durgapur is largely dependent on a variety of nationalized and private manufacturing units of elementary importance in contemporary human life. A good deal of what’s created in these factories are used by people today all over the country and likewise outside of it. However, we cannot low cost The point that these industries tend not to use advanced air pollution Regulate mechanisms that are essential to maintain the individuals of the city balanced. The focus of factories in this kind of mid-sized metropolis is rather large, causing a compounding impact on the air pollution levels. Media becoming the torch-bearer of a conscious, progressive Modern society within a democracy like ours, ought to Perform an active role to thrust with the sincere implementation in the directives so the pollution levels might be held in check and still The expansion of extra number of industries encouraged.

The next point of relevance is definitely the geographical location of Durgapur and its strategic gain inside the political landscape. It is actually historically a Section of the extension of the Chotanagpur plateau location that handles Bihar, Jharkhand and western parts of West Bengal. It has on its west destinations which can be full of coal and mineral deposits of excellent high quality. It also serves as the middle place between Kolkata and states to the west of it. A short while ago, it has also been declared to be a ‘clever metropolis’ by the Government of India, which has further more added to its worth within the political arena. Durgapur is rising like a mini metropolitan city Together with the confluence of people from around India. They arrive at the town for his or her Positions, education and learning and wellness checkups. Normally, many gatherings and incidents continue going on Within the metropolis, some that are strong more than enough for being media sensations.

But Unfortunately, Regardless of owning so much to supply, Durgapur has not received the eye on the media it so richly justifies. Usually the journalists borrows or buys pics shot by some random photographer in Durgapur and attempts to come up with a scoop from it, without having producing any hard work to be current there or deploy personnel with the agency. This may and is also engaged on an advert-hoc foundation, but it fails to capture all that this metropolis has to offer. Bustling marketplaces, loud factories, planet-class colleges, state-of-the-artwork hospitals, booming service sector, quickly increasing middle class, lecherous and sincere politicians, lousy goons – town has it all. It could and can Perform a very important role to form the destiny in the jap portions of India during the quite in the vicinity of foreseeable future. But to accentuate that, the residents of the city calls for that every nationwide and regional news agency ought to deploy at least a part-time journalist and photographer in Durgapur to accompany, so they can get to the proper place at the correct time and cover the news.