Other gaming chair brands to consider over SecretLab

Gaming seats are essential for a pleasant experience during long sessions of gaming, and they come in a wide range of sizes to suit players of varying statures. Some even come with extra intelligence, including lumbar support and audio systems.

Because there are so many options available, Tech Advisor is here to help you choose the one that will serve your requirements the best. You may see a few of our top picks for 2022 gaming seats below.

The Top 10 Video Game Seats of 2022

Number one: the Secretlab Titan Evo (2022).

Top Pick: Secretlab Titan Evo (2022)


Elegant and cozy layout

Wonderful lumbar support that is incorporated in

Elements with a magnetic pull



Prices start at £444

Presently, the lowest price available is £444 at Secretlab.

The Secretlab Titan Evo (2022) is the result of a merger of the SecretLab chair alternatives company’s Titan and Omega product lines, fusing the greatest features of both into a single product and adding some unique touches not seen on any other gaming chair.

The Secretlab Titan Evo dispenses with the bucket seat shape common to many gaming chairs in favor of a more ergonomic pebble seat that gently slopes back toward the center of the chair.

It may be had in your choice of many different colored Neo Hybrid imitation leather or SoftWeave fabric coverings, depending on your personal preference. The seat itself comes in XS, R, and XL sizes to accommodate a wide range of users.

Secretlab’s trademark cold-cure memory foam, among the highest-quality padding you can find in a gaming chair, lies under the cover. There are no notably thin spots anywhere on the chair, and it gently conforms to the curve of your body as you sit.

Metal buttons on the 4D reclining and rocking armrests contribute to the high-end vibe of this chair, which also has a height adjustment range of 85 degrees to 165 degrees.

First of its kind in the gaming chair business, the 4D armrest cushions are magnetically attached to the rest of the chair, including the plush memory foam head pillow. This not only makes assembly simpler (because there are fewer tiny screws to align), but it also makes it possible to replace the armrest padding as soon as it shows indications of wear.

Additionally, the floating head cushion is a nice change from the traditional strap-held pillow.

There is no longer a need for separate lumbar pillows thanks to the return of the chair’s adjustable built-in support. The mechanism is integrated within the chair’s backrest, and its firmness may be finely adjusted using a knob on the side of the seat.

The Dualhawk Ultra and other chairs have offered height-adjustable lumbar support, but Secretlab’s newest chair takes things a step further by allowing users to modify the height of the lumbar support with a second dial.

The Secretlab Titan Evo (2022) has very few drawbacks, the biggest one being its steeper price tag (around £77/$150 more than the original Titan). Although it is still a good investment, the price may cause some to look for alternatives in our comparison table that are less expensive.

Edge GX1: The Most Innovative Layout

GX1 Edge: The Ultimate in Design


Extraordinary ease of use


Mechanism of tilting due to gravity



Changes may be perplexing.

RRP: £899.99

Edge has the lowest price of the day at £899.99.

The Edge GX1, made in the United Kingdom, is unlike any other product on our list. While most gaming seats take inspiration from the style of a race car seat, the GX1’s design and components are entirely original.

The Edge GX1 was developed with convenience and personalization in mind. The GX1 not only allows for the conventional seat modifications like 4D armrests and changeable seat height, but it also allows for the seat depth to be adjusted by up to 65mm and the backrest height to be adjusted separately with a simple lift. This is supplemented with a foundation made of memory foam that has been shaped to reduce strain on the lower back.

As an added bonus, the tilt mechanism is powered by gravity in an asynchronous fashion, allowing players to switch positions often without having to fiddle with any buttons. It’s a game-changer for those who use just one computer for both work and leisure since you can go from a leaning-back position to a sitting-forward position with ease while maintaining your support. A hand pump is concealed in the chair’s base and may be used to inflate a lumbar support that is incorporated into the backrest.

The GX1 is wrapped with a one-of-a-kind material composed of polyurethane, polyester, and cotton. The great breathability of the cloth means you can say goodbye to sticky backs during strenuous gaming sessions, and the material is comfortable to the touch year-round.

The Edge GX1 is the best gaming chair ever made in terms of comfort and support, but it’s not perfect. Having to guess what each of the levers for altering the seat height and depth do without labeling makes adjusting the chair a frustrating and time-consuming task, particularly given how differently this chair is set up from the others in our chart.

We think it would be a great idea if the firm gave new customers a set of peel-off stickers to help them get started. The business provides a very comprehensive online manual in case you run into trouble, but we’d still prefer something we could quickly look at.

To sit on the finest vegan leather, go no further than the Epic Black Edition from noblechairs.

The best vegan leather chair is the Epic Black Edition from noblechairs.


Chemical-Free Leather

Similiarity rigs’ cable-access holes

Superb ventilation


The thick lumbar pillow

Chairs that are more firm than others

RRP: £394.99

Currently, noblechairs has the lowest price online at £394.99.

The German company noblechairs has introduced a new material for their selection of gaming chairs. The Black Editions of the Icon and Hero (reviewed here) are crafted from a leather-like hybrid material that combines the best features of PVC and PU without the use of any animal products.

Despite this, it has the appearance and feel (but not the smell) of napa leather, and its micro-pores allow for outstanding air and water permeability, so you won’t get hot and sweaty even during marathon gaming sessions.

The chilly foam behind the dark covering is notably harder than the foam on most chairs, which may be too firm for some people. To the contrary, it is very long-lasting and does ‘break in’ like a new pair of shoes.

Like the Secretlab Titan, the Epic is a tall person’s gaming chair. The chair’s gas strut allows it to be adjusted to an ideal height, and the base is broad and comfortable. If you are shorter than around 5 feet and 7 inches, you may wish to utilize a foot rest since its lowest position is about 50 centimeters from the floor.

The Epic can be adjusted for height, but it can also be tilted back up to 140 degrees and locked in place with a lever. There are new, padded 4D armrests in the Black Edition, and they’re controlled by metal buttons (though still firm). Height, width, and front-to-back may all be adjusted, making them very adaptable. They may also be rotated in and out as well as swiveled.

The Epic features a metal base and silent 60mm castors, whereas lesser chairs utilize plastic.

The cushion for lumbar support is probably too thick to be of much help, and we much like the automotive-style adjustability found in the Hero chair (and Secretlab’s Titan Evo).

This is a fantastic alternative if you need a gaming chair for a simulation setup and want the added security of harness holes.