Ten Tips for Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

You can speak with a roofing contractor by calling them or meeting them face to face and asking them questions. If you need to locate a roofing contractor in your area, ask your family or friends for recommendations. Google also allows you to look up roofing directory sites. It is worth looking at the contractor’s website.

Although it can seem time-consuming to do some digging, what’s even more time-consuming is the repair of a badly installed roof. So how do you choose a roofing company? There are three types of tips that can help you choose a roofing contractor. These include the contractor’s experience and qualifications. The following tips will help you choose the right roofing contractor Roofing contractors Colorado Springs.


First, don’t hire anyone who isn’t licensed to do roofing. Although a contractor may be licensed, it does not necessarily indicate that they are committed professionals who will do exceptional work. Check to see if the contractor belongs to a trade association. If the contractor affirms it, call the trade group and ask for the certificates.

Be sure to check that they have a steady business. When choosing a contractor to work with, be sure they can deliver the results promised. The best way to be confident is to find a contractor that will financially commit to finishing your job. An address and permanent phone number should be provided by the contractor. Visit the company to determine if they have all the equipment and staff necessary to complete your job.

Ask them whether or not they have insurance. They might not have adequate coverage even though they have insurance. Seek out a certificate from the contractor. Contractors can ask for a certificate from their insurer that lists coverage dates and policy limitations. Also, ask whether they have workers’ compens coverage. All contractors should have workers’ compens insurance, since property owners could be sued in the event of an accident that occurs on their land.

Contractor’s Workmanship

A safety plan is required for contractors. Ask potential contractors to create one. Safety plans are crucial for ensuring the completion of projects and are required by OSHA.

Find out how long the warranty of work performed by the contractor is. A typical time period is one to two years. The warranty term is not important. It’s only what the contractor will do to keep the warranty valid. A good contractor will often extend the warranty beyond what’s written. The manufacturer may offer product warranties, but these warranties are often only valid if the contractor is “certified to install the product.” Discuss with your contractor any specifications required by the manufacturer for product warranty.

It is important that you have an open discussion with the contractor about your home-improvement project. Your contractor should be able to discuss the details of your home improvement project with you, such as the color and the type of materials that you choose, how to get permits if necessary, daily clean-up procedures, and how the cost of the work will be financed.

Past Performance and Customer Care

Learn how long the contractor is in business. Even though a contractor operating for only a few months might produce excellent work, it’s best to hire a contractor that has been in existence for at minimum five years. The more years a contractor has been operating, the better the options for you and the quality of your roof.

Ask for photographs of the contractor’s past work, and for references from former customers. Ask for this information by visiting the contractor’s website, or calling previous customers to find out what they thought.

Many of the greatest contractors have had problems with customers. It is not always bad to have complaints, but how the contractor handles them can. Ask the contractor how they dealt with complaints in past years. You can also call the Better Business Bureau.

The best way to choose a roofing contractor to work with is to have at least three of the contractors you’re considering submit written bids. It’s a good idea to have three bids in writing to compare prices and what products they will use to complete your project. One bid that is significantly higher or lower then the others could be considered a red flag. The best way to streamline this process is by using a roofing directory site. It will put you in touch with three roofing contractors by simply filling out one estimate request form.

The most important thing is your gut feeling about the contractor. Even if the contractor is able to follow the tips, it’s still a sign that something is not right about the contractor. It is crucial that you choose a contractor to repair or replace your roof.