The Amethyst Bio Mat is a new infrared healing tool –

The Bio Mat, a medical grade, best infrared heating pad, is used for healing purposes all over the globe. It has helped thousands of people recover their health from many conditions. Bio Mat’s core technology is a combination of three healing components: Negative Ions and Far Infrared Rays.

Although infrared light is very similar to regular light, its wavelength is too long to be detected by our eyes. Far infrared light is even more intense and heats very effectively. Therefore, sunlight feels warm. It can penetrate as far as 6-8 inches deep into the skin. These rays are beneficial to all cells, including blood vessels and lymph glands, and the nerves that run through the most tumultuous parts of the body. BioMat utilizes this deep-penetrating heat to accelerate cellular metabolism, reduce pain, and quickly heal injuries. Conduction (contact) and convection (airflow), heat transfer only, does not heat objects evenly or deeply.

Negative ions, particles that contain an extra electron in the air, are called particle. They are abundant near water moving in large quantities, such as rivers, waterfalls, and the ocean. They can donate an extra electron to the body, which can cancel out oxidation. They are antioxidant. The BioMat emits these ions when it is turned on. They transmit the healing properties of the natural, pristine settings.

For thousands of years, Amethyst has been believed to calm the mind and promote clarity across cultures. Although we don’t know the exact mechanism, many people experience a decrease in anxiety and a better mood after using BioMat. Amethyst has a low specific warmth, so it can’t store heat well. It must lose excess heat through infrared radiation. Other infrared devices, such as the Bio Mat’s, use carbon- or ceramic “lamps” that produce less efficient light, with shorter wavelengths and lower intensity.

The Bio Mat can be used to treat many common conditions that are usually treated with hospitalization and prescription drugs. BioMat was designed to aid the body in healing itself naturally.

The Bio Mat has been proven to:

  • Chronic pain can be treated
  • Maintain core body temperature
  • Accelerate the healing of tissues and joints
  • Increase circulation
  • Detoxify
  • Immune system booster
  • Deep relaxation promotes deep sleep and improves quality of sleep
  • You can improve your mood, stress levels and anxiety.