Unique and personalized gifts for special anniversary or birthdays

Gifts for an anniversary or birthday are easy to find for today’s consumers. It takes just a few thoughts to find something truly special among the wide array of products. Personalized gifts are a popular option for unique gifts that are personal and personalized. Here are my top five picks:

1) Romantic Personalized Poetry Scrolls

A poem made especially for you and your recipient is special and personal. Personalized poetry scrolls offer a unique way for you to express your love and thoughts to that special person. A questionnaire that contains facts and information about each recipient is used to help a poet create a poem. The poem may be humorous, romantic, or somber. Your personalized poem is then presented on a beautiful scroll. This scroll can be treasured and kept forever. This is an excellent gift to celebrate an anniversary and weddingpersonalized birthday gift.

2) New York Times Classic Yearbook

The exquisitely bound, gold embossed book comes with a recreation of The New York Times newspaper. The Classic Birthdate Yearbook contains four front pages detailing major historical events that occurred in the same calendar year. This makes it the ideal gift to commemorate special events, such as milestones 40- 50- 60 years old.

3) Personalized Romance Novels

This is a great gift for anyone who enjoys humor and excitement. You and your partner can be the characters or stars in the novel. Personalized Adventure Romance Novels are a great way to let your imagination run free. It will bring you and your partner together in a passionate love story of exotic romance.

They are paperback, perfect-bound books. They are exactly like any best-selling book, except that they are personalized to you. This is the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day.

4) A Personalized Message in the Bottle

To express your love and send your message, send it in a bottle. Your message will be printed on parchment paper. The bottle contains seashells and sand making it a very authentic gift. Also, Messages in a Bottle makes unique wedding invites.

5) Personalized Newspaper Headlines

This is a funny, comical, and unique gift. Personalize a newspaper title with the name of your recipient. Your personalized gift paper is printed on both ends. The newspaper contains interesting articles and pictures that everyone will enjoy. This is a great gift idea for birthdays, Mother’s Day and anniversary.

No matter what the occasion is, whether it’s a birthday celebration or anniversary, you should be unique and creative in your gift searching. Personalized gifts can offer just that.