What can be the purpose of getting a loan?

When one party gives an amount of money to some other party with a promise to repay the amount with some fixed rate of interest on the principal amount, it is called a loan.

Loans are also given on the mortgage, and collateral and are time-bounded. Loan amounts are granted by banks, government, institutions, private money lenders, etc. There are many lenders good at money lending in ang mo Kio.

There are different types of loans available, based on cost, factors, and contract conditions such as secured loans and unsecured loans, revolving loans and term loans.

Requirements to apply for a loan

A person or group of people seeking to get a loan need to submit some documents that help verify the financial background, social security number (SSN), the purpose of getting the loan, credit worthiness, and other related factors.

Later this information is analyzed by the lender to decide whether to approve or reject the loan application. He also checks whether the person applying for the loan is capable of paying back the amount or not.

Why would you need a loan?

There are several purposes to avail a loan. Listed below are some of them.

To pay off the debts and bills

This is a very common reason for middle-class people to get a loan. Personal loans are most preferable for repaying debts as it charges a low rate of interest. This advantage allows one to pay off all other debts in one payment and saves the interest amount.

Emergency Expenses

At times, we tend to end up in situations that lead to huge expenditures. It results in a disbalance of the whole financial plan. Some such situations that can be accounted for include pandemics, sudden loss of job, medical emergencies, death, etc. In these times, a personal loan can help you balance your budget at a low-interest rate.

Necessary home repairs

Quite often, house repairs and upgrades become inevitable but the amount required goes beyond the normal capability of an individual. It may include gas leaks, sewage blockage or broken pipelines, electrical work, etc.

Large Investments

At times, it becomes inevitable to invest funds for potential profits in the longer term. The loan amount may be for running a new start-up or expenses of an additional vehicle or home appliances. It is recommended to take a loan based on the priority of the requirement. Ensuring your capabilities to repay the amount is necessary before making a decision.


Loans have become a necessity today for large investments or sudden requirements. A loan amount helps an individual or a company in urgent need of funds. There are different loan types available based on their purpose.